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MCM, one of the affiliates of “ChungHo” group
established in November 2009, has been striving with growth in the area of water filtration related component manufacturing. MCM develops variety of component products such as RO membranes, fittings, tubes, water valves, and other part components. In spite of short history of the company, MCM has invested great amount of time and efforts to reach the level of zero defect with cost-competitive and high quality products. Our products are highly trusted by global major customers such as Samsung, LG and others for their water filtration systems. It is our goal and principle to introduce only reliable products to the market. We will continue to support and participate in water filtration industry.

Most competitive products for customer demands

MCM is equipped with production facilities with full automation for
all products. Therefore, not only detecting defective products during
the production, but also overall results show high yield production
with minimized number of defects.

And full automation means high reliability on quality having low
human error as well as low deviation from standard specification.
Eventually, MCM can achieve the lowest and optimal production cost with high competitiveness.

  • Production capacity (Annual)
  • RO membrane - 3 million units
  • Fitting – 30 million units
  • Tube – 32 million meters
  • Water valve – 2.5 million units


MCM aims to be the global top tier in the industry by achieving
world best quality through utilizing world’s most advanced materials and components, continuously enhancing, modifying, and developing innovative products. In addition, MCM has been incessantly investing and training inner capability to accommodate any demands of
customer, from POE to POU, regardless of business criteria;
component, module, or products.

  • High Quality and competitive Core components
  • Manufacturing High Quality filtration system
    • Filter Assemble
    • RO membrane
    • Fitting, Tubes
    • Water valve and other parts
  • Membrane element supplied from
    Membrane element supplied from
  • Globally Certificated
Manufacturing High Quality filtration system